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France - Euro Coins

French  euro coins  Over 1,200 designs were considered for the national side of the French coins. A panel chaired by the Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance chose three designs, each for certain specific denominations. The panel consisted of experts in numismatics, artists, a former Member of the European Commission (Christine Scrivener), Members of Parliament, the French Mint Director Emmanuel Constans, the General Engraver Pierre Rodier and the actress Irène Jacob, along with members of professional bodies. They selected the following designs:    €1 and €2 coins: a tree, drawn by the artist Joaquim Jimenez, appears on these coins, symbolising life, continuity and growth. It is contained in a hexagon and encircled by the motto of the Republic, “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” (Liberty, equality, fraternity).    10, 20 and 50-cent coins: the theme of the sower is a constant in the history of the French franc. Designed by Laurent Jorlo, “this modern, timeless graphic represents France, which stays true to itself, whilst integrating into Europe”.  1, 2 and 5-cent coins: these depict a young, feminine Marianne with determined features that embody the desire for a sound and lasting Europe. The design was the work of Fabienne Courtiade, an engraver from the Paris Mint. French commemorative 2 euro coins:  European Union 50th Anniversary of the Signature of the Treaty of Rome 2007  France 9.4 million coins Inscription: TRAITÉ DE ROME 50 ANS, EUROPE, RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE  France French Presidency of the Council of the European Union 20 million coins July 2008  Description: The inner part of the coin shows the inscription  2008 PRÉSIDENCE FRANÇAISE UNION EUROPÉENNE RF; the mint mark and the mintmaster's mark are located below, to the left and the right respectively. The twelve stars of the European Union surround the design on the outer ring of the coin.  Gustave Eiffel France Named after its designer, engineer Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower is the tallest building in Paris and probably the most well-known monument in Paris. More than 200,000,000 people have visited the tower since its construction in 1889 - making it the most visited paid monument in the world! Including the 24 m antenna, the structure is 324 m high, which is equivalent to about 81 levels in a   conventional building. On the occasion of the 120th inauguration of the Eiffel Tower, Monnaie de Paris continues its Great Captains of Industry Series by minting these exceptional coins featuring Gustave Eiffel – constructor   and name giver of the Tower!  Claude Monet (1840-1926) was a founder of French impressionist painting, and the most consistent and prolific practitioner of the movement's philosophy of expressing one's perceptions before nature, especially as applied to plein-airlandscape painting. The term Impressionism is derived from the title of his painting Impression, Sunrise. During his lifetime Monet had limited success in the acceptance of his paintings. The annual Salon jury set the standard for French artists at the time, and many of Monet's paintings were rejected. In 2009 Monnaie de Paris commemorates Claude Monet, one of the most famous French Paintors, with the launch of a 5 € Silver and 100 € Gold Coin! 


France - set 3 coins 10 Euro silver, Little Prince, 2015

10 Euro silver proof coin 2014 Little Prince. Ag 900/1000, diametre 37mm, weight 22,20g. Mintage: 5.000 each coin.

Price: 180,00 €
France - 50 Euro gold, Francois Mitterrand, 2015

50 Euro gold coin proof, François Mitterrand, 2015. Au 920/1000, diametre 22mm, weight 8,45g. Mintage: 500

Price: 495,00 €
France - 10 Euro silver, François Mitterrand, 2015

10 Euro silver proof coin, François Mitterrand, 2015. Ag 900/1000, diametre 37mm, weight 22,20g. Mintage: 5.000.

Price: 59,00 €
France - 50 Euro gold, Franc a Cheval, 2015

50 Euro gold coin proof, Franc a Cheval, 2015. Au 920/1000, diametre 22mm, weight 8,45g. Mintage: 1.000

Price: 495,00 €
France - 50 Euro gold, Peace in Europe, 2015

50 Euro gold coin proof, 70 years of Peace in Europe, 2015. Au 920/1000, diametre 22mm, weight 8,45g. Mintage: 1.000

Price: 495,00 €
France - Euro coins, Official BU Set 2015

Includes coins of 1c-2c-5c-10c-20c-50c-1euro-2euro denominations with 2015 Yeardate. 1 Euro and 50 Cent denominations exclusively available in the BU and proof Mintsets.

Price: 39,00 €
France – Complete UNC Set 2015

Complete set of the 8 Eurocoins UNC 2015 of France, placed in Euro coins folder.

Price: 38,50 €
France - 2 Euro, 70 years of peace in Europe, 2015

France, commemorative coin 2 euro, 70 years of peace in Europe, 2015.

Price: 3,50 €
France - 2 Euro, World AIDS Day, 2014

France, commemorative coin 2 euro, World AIDS Day, 2014.

Price: 3,50 €
France - 10 Euro silver, Petit Nicolas - Holidays, 2014

10 Euro silver proof coin 2014 Petit Nicolas. Ag 900/1000, diametre 37mm, weight 22,20g. Mintage: 5.000.

Price: 69,00 €
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