October 2008
Warsaw to speed Euro adoption

Poland’s government spelled out the country’s path to adopting the euro by 2012, part of a series of moves designed to help calm spooked investors who have been retreating from the Polish zloty as emerging market currencies are buffeted by the global financial crisis.

August 2009
Finland, Official PROOF Euro Coin Set 2009

The Finnish proof coinage 2009 includes the 8 Euro coins, the 2 Euro "200 Years Finnish Autonomy" and a coloured silver medal depicting the heraldic lion of Finland.

January 2009
Luxemburg 2 Euro 2009, Grand-Duchess Charlotte

The commemorative 2 Euro coin of Luxemburg for 2009 is dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of the accession of the throne of the grand - Duchess Charlotte

December 2008
Germany 2 Euro 2009, Federal state of Saarland

The new commemorative 2 Euro coin of Germany, to be issued in 2009, belongs to the German Bundesländer series.

December 2008
Official BU Coinset of Ireland for 2009

The theme for this year set is the 125th aniversary of the Gaelic Athletic Association, the GAA.

November 2008
The Euro in the world

As well as serving as the currency of the euro area, the euro has a strong international presence. Currencies are the means by which wealth is stored, protected and exchanged between countries, organisations and individuals. A global currency, such as the euro, does this on a global scale. Since its introduction in 1999, it has firmly established itself as a major international currency, second only to the US dollar.

November 2008
Adopting the Euro

The European Union grows as candidate countries meet the conditions for entry and accede to the Union – this process is known as enlargement. Similarly, the euro area is enlarging as non-euro-area EU Member States meet the conditions for entry and adopt the euro.

November 2008
Commemorating 10 years of Economic and Monetary Union

Commemorative 2 Euro coins will be issued by all euro-area Member States, starting in January 2009. The coin shows a stick figure which merges into the € symbol. It seeks to convey the idea of the single currency and, by extension, Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) being the latest step in Europe’s long history of trade and economic integration.

October 2008
Demand soars for euro notes

Demand for euro banknotes has risen sharply in the past two weeks, said the European Central Bank on Tuesday as it pumped large amounts of extra liquidity into eurozone financial markets.

October 2008
Gold coins command record prices

Heavy losses in equity markets are enticing investors to pay record prices for popular bullion coins such as South Africa’s Krugerrand.

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