Alle Lander - 23 coins, 2 Euro collection 2017

2 Euro coins collections
Ausgabejahr : 2017
Nennbetrag: 2 Euro
Qualität: UNC
Metall: Copper-Nickel

The collection includes the following coins: Cyprus (Paphos, Capital of Culture), Estonia (Path to independence), Finland (100 years of independence), Finland (Finnish nature), France (Auguste Rodin), Germany (Porta Nigra), Greece (Archeological site of Philippi), Greece (NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS), Italy (SAN MARCO VENEZIA), Italy (TITO LIVIO), Latvia (Kurzeme), Latvia (Latgale), Lithuania (VILNIUS), Luxembourg (GRAND DUKE GUILLAUME III), Luxembourg (Volunteer army), Malta (Hagar Qim), Malta (PEACE), Portugal (Police and Public Security), Portugal (Raul Brandao), San Marino (the portrait of St. Marino), Slovakia (Istropolitana), Slovenia (Introduction of the euro), Spain (Santa Maria Del Naranco, Oviedo).