Frankreich - 10 Euro Silber proof, THE NEW FRANC, 2020

Euro silbermünzen
Ausgabejahr : 2020
Nennbetrag: 10 Euro
Qualität: PROOF
Metall: Silver
Weight: 22,2 g
Diameter: 37 mm
Fineness: 900

The Sower series presents the most historically significant coins of France’s history. In 2020 the New Franc is honored. Created under General de Gaulle's directive, the New Franc was introduced to stop the devaluation of the Franc and to facilitate the convertibility of the currency, allowing France to participate fully in the launch of the major European Community construction project. The reverse evokes the great monetary reform of the Fifth Republic with General de Gaulle, the prescriber of this new currency. The obverse and reverse of the new francs are then presented with a highlight on the Marianne of the pre 1914 coins, synonymous with economic renewal. The obverse depicts Roty’s Sower in a more contemporary setting.