Griechenland - 200 Euro Gold, THE PERSIAN WARS, 2020

Euro goldmünzen
Ausgabejahr : 2020
Nennbetrag: 200 Euro
Qualität: PROOF
Metall: Gold
Weight: 7.98 g
Diameter: 22,10 mm
Fineness: 916,7
Auflage: 750

The Persian Wars (499-479 BC) were a series of conflicts between the powerful Persian empire and the Greek city-states, which ended in Greek victory and in a triumph of free men over despotism, allowing Greek classical civilisation to flourish. The obverse features a Greek warrior fighting a Persian, after an ancient Greek vase. To the right appears the wording “PERSIAN WARS”. At reverse centre is the national coat of arms, surrounded by the wording “HELLENIC REPUBLIC”. The theme is bordered by spears and Laconian shields marked with the Greek letter “Λ”, alluding to the crucial role of the Lacedaemonians in the victorious outcome.