Frankreich - 250 Euro Goldmunze, Marianne - Hexagonal, 2021

Euro goldmünzen
Ausgabejahr : 2021
Nennbetrag: 250 Euro
Qualität: BU
Metall: Gold
Weight: 3 g
Diameter: 18 mm
Fineness: 999
Auflage: 15.000

OLYMPIC GAMES PARIS 2024, 250 EURO GOLD HEXAGONAL COIN MARIANNE, YEARDATE 2021.The Summer Olympic games that will take place in Paris are the opportunity, for Monnaie de Paris to celebrate this major international competition through a series celebrating Sport, its values, the athletes but also the heritage of the host country. Olympism and Paralympism will be highlighted on those products, struck in France in our art workshops. For the first time, the institute's presses are minting hexagonal coins, in tribute to the French territory.The obverse of these coins shows a running Marianne, overhanging the athletics stadium of the games. The Eiffel Tower can also be seen in the background, symbolising the city of Paris.