Estland - 2 Euro, Literatur-Gesellschaft, 2022 (bag of 10)

2 Euro bags of 10
Ausgabejahr : 2022
Nennbetrag: 2 Euro
Qualität: UNC
Metall: Copper-Nickel

Estonia, 2 euro Commemorative Coin 2022, 150th anniversary of the Estonian Literary Society. The Society of Estonian Writers was founded in 1872 in Viljandi. The society was founded to popularize literature and writing in the Estonian language and thus to raise the level of culture of the Estonian people. The coin depicts an open book with the words of the first president of the Estonian Writers’ Society, Jakob Hort, written on it: ” Kui me ei saa suureks rahvaarvult, peame saama suureks vaimult” , which means ” If we cannot be a great nation numerically, we must be great in spirit “.