Großbritannien - Victoria Gothic Crown, 1 oz Silver, 2022

World coins silver
Ausgabejahr : 2022
Qualität: PROOF
Metall: Silver
Weight: 1 οz
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Fineness: 999
Auflage: 2.000

STRICTLY LIMITED TO ONLY 2000 COINS WORLDWIDE. William Wyon produced some of the most iconic coin designs of the Victorian era. In 1847, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Victoria becoming Queen, a silver crown was released with a new portrait by Wyon. In a shift from his Neoclassical roots, Wyon's obverse design was influenced by the fashionable Neo-Gothic movement, and with a similarly styled reverse design by Scottish artist William Dyce, it became known as the'Gothic Crown'. This classic work of Gothic Revival art has now been faithfully remastered for the modern collector, available now as this limited edition 1oz Silver Proof Coin.