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Austria - Euro Coins

AUSTRIA numismatic programme 2017   20 euro silver coin   175th Anniversary of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra   PROOF (Silver Ag 925) fine weight  Official Austrian Euro Coin Set 2017   500th Anniversary of the completion of the tomb of Friedrich III  1 cent to 2 euro 2017   PROOF  10 euro coin  Michael – The Protecting Angel  Guardian Angels   (Copper) (Silver Ag 925)  PROOF (Silver Ag 925)  3 euro coin  The Tiger  Colourful Creatures SU. (Copper alloy)  5 euro coin  Easter coin 2017  Easter coin  (Silver Ag 925)   20 euro silver coin  Courage and Determination  Empress   Maria Theresa  PROOF (Silver Ag 925)   50 euro gold coin  Sigmund Freud  The Vienna Schools of Psychotherapy  PROOF (Gold Au 986)  25 euro silver niobium coin  Microcosm  (Niobium, Silver Ag 900)  3 euro coin  the Crocodile  Colourful Creatures  Copper alloy  10 euro coin  Gabriel – The Guiding Angel  Guardian Angels (Copper) (Silver Ag 925) PROOF (Silver Ag 925)  3 euro coin  The Kingfisher  Colourful Creatures  100 euro gold coin  The Alpine Ibex  Wildlife in our Sights  PROOF (Gold Au 986)  20 euro silver coin   Justice and Character   Empress  Maria Theresa  PROOF (Silver Ag 925)  3 euro coin  The Wolf Colourful Creatures  All eight Special Uncirculated quality coins in the set are designed to meet the most exacting standards. As a ‘first strike’ – an early strike in a series struck from a new die – immediately after minting each coin is quality checked and packed with care to ensure that every single one is an unblemished masterpiece. Native flowers, iconic buildings and illustrious Austrians, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Nobel Peace Prize-winning novelist Bertha von Suttner, grace each of the eight coins. Ideal as a gift, a lasting memento or a fitting souvenir of Austria, this complete euro coin set comprises each of the euro and cent coins in circulation.  2 Euro  The first woman ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize, early 20th-century Austrian pacifist and novelist Bertha von Suttner features on the largest coin. 1 Euro  Born in Salzburg, Austria’s most famous composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, will forever be remembered for his dominance of Viennese classical music during his short life.  50 Cent  The jewel in the Viennese Modernist crown, the Secession exhibition hall still exudes modernity more than a century after it was built.   20 Cent   A masterpiece of Baroque architecture, the Belvedere was once the palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy. Today it is home to some of the world’s most famous paintings, including The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.  10 Cent   Construction began on Vienna’s gothic St Stephen's cathedral over 800 years ago. Its roof and tower, which feature on the 10 cent coin, still dominate the Vienna skyline today.  5 Cent  The three smallest coins in the collection are all decorated with alpine flowers. The 5 cent piece with primula auricula, the mountain cowslip.  2 Cent   Made world famous by the song from the musical The Sound of Music, the edelweiss adorns the 2 cent coin.  1 Cent  The smallest coin in circulation rounds of the 2017 coin set’s trio of alpine flower with a gentian.  AUSTRIA The Electric Railway „Austrian Railways“ One side of the new coin features an image of an electric locomotive, series 1189 – also known as “Crocodile”. It was used for traffic on the Arlberg Railway – a part of which can be seen in the background. The other side of this 20 € silver coin shows an image of Castle Wiesberg and the Trisanna Bridge being crossed by a locomotive, series 1100 along with a passenger train. With the current issue „The Electric Railway“ the Austrian Mint continues this fascinating series of silver coins. The series will be completed on September 9 with the release of the coin „The Railway of the Future“. Austrian euro coins have a unique design for each denomination, with a common theme for each of the three series of coins. The minor coins feature Austrian flowers, the middle coins examples of architecture from Austria's capital, Vienna, and the two major coins famous Austrians. All designs are by the hand of Josef Kaiser and also include the 12 stars of the EU and the year of imprint.  Future changes to the national side of circulation coins   "The national sides of all denominations of the euro circulation coins should bear an indication of the issuing Member State by means of the Member State’s name or an abbreviation of it.  "The national side should not repeat any indication on the denomination, or any parts thereof, of the coin neither should it repeat the name of the single currency or of its subdivision, unless such indication stems from the use of a different alphabet.  "This Recommendation should apply to national sides and edge letterings of both normal and commemorative euro circulation coins. It should not apply to the national sides and edge letterings of both normal and commemorative euro circulation coins which have been first issued prior to the adoption of this Recommendation."  The above paragraphs, in essence, requires 6 of the 16 Eurozone members to change their national designs. Finland was the first state when they changed its design in 2007, Belgium announced its change for 2008 while Austria is still pending.  Austrian euro coins (all denominations) show a tiny Austrian flag on the country-specific side. On smaller denominations (1, 2 and 5 cents) the flag is curved upwards so as to fit in the scarce space. Once more, colours are represented by hatching (three horizontal stripes hatched vertical-plain-vertical standing for red-white-red).  2004 Austria Euro 5 Silver BU Coin "EU Enlargement"  This coin has been issued by the Austrian government to celebrate the May 1 enlargement of the European Union with 10 new countries.  After successfully growing from 6 to 15 members, the European Union is now preparing for its biggest enlargement ever in terms of scope and diversity. 13 countries have applied to become new members: 10 of these countries - Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, the Slovak Republic, and Slovenia are set to join on 1st May 2004. Bulgaria and Romania hope to do so by 2007, while Turkey is not currently negotiating its membership. In order to join the Union, they need to fulfill the economic and political conditions known as the 'Copenhagen criteria', according to which a prospective member must be a stable democracy, respecting human rights, the rule of law, and the protection of minorities; have a functioning market economy; and adopt the common rules, standards and policies that make up the body of EU law.  The coin’s reverse features a map of Europe with the location of the ten new countries marked by flags, and their official names in the native language toward the bottom. The legend to the left says “EU Erweiterung 2004” and to the right of the legend is the new hallmark for Euro issues – a Euro sign inside a star - this year featured on coins from Austria, Holland, France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal (more countries will adopt the hallmark in 2005). The obverse shows the shields of the 9 Austrian provinces – corresponding also to the edges of the coin itself – as well as the legend “Republik Osterreich”, the denomination in the middle, and
“Euro” at the bottom.  The coin has been struck by the Austrian Mint in 80% silver, and measures 28.50 mm in diameter and weighs 8 grams. The issue limit is 100,000 coins of the brilliant uncirculated version, and it comes delivered mounted in a colorful and informative folder. Austrian mint  A mint has existed in Vienna since 1194 AD. The Austrian Mint was made a subsidiary of the Austrian National Bank in 1989 as the Austrian Mint AG. For US and Canadian customers, it has a North American agent. The 2003 Brilliant Uncirculated set from Austria features a portrait of Mozart on the cover. The coins are displayed in a blister package with musical notes on the background. This set contains all 8 denominations with each coin bearing distinctive national reverses as follows: 2 € - Bertha von Suttner, a leading figure in the peace movement before the First World War and in 1905 the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. 1 € - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the portrait used as a model was that by Barbara Krafft in 1819. 50 Cent - Art Nouveau or "Jugendstil" is documnted by the Vienna Secession. The dome of golden leaves has become a Viennese landmark. 20 Cent - The baroque style is demonstrated by the Belvedere Palace. In the foreground is the magnificent wrought iron gate, while in the distance one sees the baroque palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy. The coin itself has the shape of the so-called "Spanish flower". 10 Cent - St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna has been taken as an example of gothic architecture in Austria. The unusual view highlights the magnificent gothic tower. 5 Cent - The alpine primrose fills the centre of this bronze coin, surrounded by the starts, flag and date. 2 Cent - The famous edelweiss flower adorns this coin together with the 12 stars, the flag and the date. 1 Cent - Ringed by the stars of the EU the smallest coin shows a gentian flower from the Alps. 2005 - 2€ - State Treaty - Unc The State Treaty commemorative coin: State Treaty coin honors the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Austrian State Treaty. After WWII, Austria was divided into four zones occupied by the victorious allies: British, French, American and Soviet. Vienna was divided into four zones also. The Inner City was ruled jointly ("Four in a Jeep" as featured on a silver coin in 2003). After long negotiations the four occupation powers agreed to evacuate their troops in 1955. A State Treaty was signed in the Belvedere Palace on May 15th between the four powers and Austria. The Austrian Foreign Minister, Leopold Figl, proudly proclaimed that "Austria is free!" The State Treaty restored full sovereignty. Austria was declared to be a sovereign, independent and democratic state pledged to perpetual neutrality. This coin is also available individually in uncirculated quality, fresh from the coin roll. Silver commemorative coin series: The new coin, Nonnberg, is the first in a 6 coin series titled “Abbeys and Monasteries” and is a subset of the well-known and long running series of "Austria and Her People." Two coins of this series (or subset) will be issued in 2006, 2007 and 2008. In modern times the Abbey of Nonnberg is probably best known because it was featured in the classic film, ”The Sound of Music.”  


Austria – 2 Euro, Founding of the Republic, 2018

Austria 2 Euro Commemorative Coin, Centenary of the Founding of the Republic of Austria.

Price: 3,50 €
Austria - Official BU set 2019

This Brilliant Uncirculated Euro coins set from Austria contains all eight Euro coins dated 2019, 1 cent to 2 euro.

Price: 29,50 €
Austria - 25 Euro, Vienna Philharmonic gold 1/4 oz, 2019

The Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins are struck in 1/4 ounce of 99.99% pure, 24-karat gold. No alloy metals have been added. Each Philharmonic gold coin is guaranteed as to weight and gold purity by the Austrian government.

Price: 340,00 €
Autriche - 1,50 Euro silver LEOPOLD V., 2019 (BU in capsule)

Silver bullion coin denominated in Euro dated 2019. Face Value 1,50 Euro. Purity 999. Weight 31,103g. Diameter 37 mm.

Price: 27,50 €
Austria - Euro coins, Complete UNC Set 2010

The eight Austrian Eurocoins denominations 2010 in UNC quality, placed in Euro coins folder.

Price: 9,50 €
Austria – 3 Euro, Colourful creatures - the Shark, 2018

Colourful Creatures, The Shark. The new Colourful Creatures series become active at night − by glowing in the dark. Special uncirculated 3 Euro coins. Diameter: 34 mm. Mintage 50,000

Price: 49,00 €
Austria – 3 Euro, the Owl, 2018

Colourful Creatures, The Owl. The new Colourful Creatures series become active at night − by glowing in the dark. Special uncirculated 3 Euro coins. Diameter: 34 mm. Mintage 50,000

Price: 49,00 €
Austria – 3 Euro, Colourful creatures - the Frog, 2018

Colourful Creatures, The Frog. The new Colourful Creatures series become active at night − by glowing in the dark. Special uncirculated 3 Euro coins. Diameter: 34 mm. Mintage 50,000

Price: 49,00 €
Autriche - 1,50 Euro silver LEOPOLD V., 2019 (BU in blister)

Silver bullion coin denominated in Euro dated 2019. Face Value 1,50 Euro. Purity 999. Weight 31,103g. Diameter 37 mm.

Price: 34,50 €
Austria – 3 Euro, Colourful creatures - Parrot, 2018

Colourful Creatures, The Parrot. The new Colourful Creatures series become active at night − by glowing in the dark. Special uncirculated 3 Euro coins. Diameter: 34 mm. Mintage 50.000

Price: 49,00 €
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