Electa Collections appreciates the importance of protecting the privacy of its customers and is committed to protect their personal data according to the Greek Data Protection legislation.

Personal data is any information that can be used to identify a person or to communicate with. Personal data maintained by Electa Collections is limited to the information that users have provided during their registration process as customers or as recipients of the newsletter.

Access to page my account requires the registration of a new customer or login details (email address and password) of a registered customer. Your account details are not stored on your computer unless you select to do so during the login process, in order to facilitate your login on your following visits. If you do not wish to store any such details you can even disable cookies on your internet browser or clear all cookies at the end of your visit. In addition you should log out when you leave our site.

The data of registered customers are kept on a secure server and are used only for communication with them and for statistical analysis. Electa Collections does not maintain a record of its customers orders beyond 3 months and does not monitor consumer behaviour.

In addition, Electa Collections does not disclose, sell or rent your personal data to third parties regardless of the means through which this data was received (via newsletter subscription, facebook or any other social network of Electa Collections).

Registered customers are at all times entitled to request deletion of their Electa Collections account, and hence of their relative personal data, with immediate effect. They also reserve the right to demand that any communication with them is discontinued (eg through e-mail, newsletters) while maintaining their account.

Finally, Electa Collections recommends that customers periodically check the accuracy of their personal data, as recorded during the registration process at, as well as change their password from time to time.

Visit the Terms and Conditions page for additional information on the privacy policy at Electa Collections.