Greece – 2 Euro Crete with Stamp, 2013 (coin card)

2 Euro coins Coin card
Issue year: 2013
Face Value: 2 Euro
Quality: BU
Metal: Copper-Nickel

The Cretan State (Greek: Κρητική Πολιτεία, Kritiki Politia), was established in 1898, following the intervention by the Great Powers (Britain, France, Italy and Russia) on the island of Crete. In 1897 an insurrection in Crete led the Ottoman Empire to declare war on Greece, which led Great Britain, France, Italy and Russia to intervene on the grounds that the Ottoman Empire could no longer maintain control. It was the prelude of the island's final annexation to the Kingdom of Greece, which occurred de facto in 1908 and de jure in 1913.