Italy – 2 Euro, ITALIAN CONSTITUTION, 2018 (unc)

2 Euro coins BU / UNC
Issue year: 2018
Face Value: 2 Euro
Quality: UNC
Metal: Copper-Nickel

Subject of commemoration: The 70th Anniversary of the Coming into Force of the Italian Constitution. Enrico De Nicola, provisional Head of State, signs the act of promulgation of the Constitution of the Italian Republic on December 27, 1947; on his right, the Head of Government Alcide De Gasperi, on the left, Umberto Terracini, President of the Italian Constituent Assembly. Above, the inscription ‘COSTITUZIONE’ and the monogram of the Italian Republic ‘RI’; in exergue, the inscription ‘CON SICURA COSCIENZA’, ‘R’, the mintmark of the Mint of Rome, and the dates ‘1948 • 2018’, respectively year of the coming into force of the Italian Constitution and year of the issue of the coin.