Austria - 20 Euro, FIRST MOON LANDING, 2019

Euro coins silver
Issue year: 2019
Face Value: 20 Euro
Quality: PROOF
Metal: Silver
Diameter: 34 mm
Fineness: 925
Mintage: 30.000

The 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing is the Austrian Mint’s first fully convex coin. This means that one side of the coin bulges out, just like the real moonscape depicted on it. The other side is curved inwards and features the lunar module and an astronaut as well as a colour-applied planet earth that glows in the dark. This spectacular coin commemorates that day 50 years ago when mankind got far closer to the reality of the universe than ever before. This 50th anniversary coin is technically ambitious in its own right. The coin’s concave obverse shows the Moon landing with a coloured Earth and glow-in-the-dark stars in the background, while the convex reverse shows the surface of the Moon – a landscape that made the reality of the universe more palpable than ever before.