Belgium – 2 Euro, 130 years of Art Nouveau, 2023 (FR + NL)

2 Euro coins Coin card
Issue year: 2023
Face Value: 2 Euro
Quality: BU
Metal: Copper-Nickel
Mintage: 150.000

130 years of Art Nouveau in Belgium. In 1893, architect Victor Horta put the finishing touches to the Tassel House. In doing so, he provided the starting signal for of Art Nouveau in Brussels. The imposing facade, the sumptuous stained-glass interiors, the decorative mosaics and the swirling wrought iron soon left their mark on the architecture of the late Belle Epoque. Nature in particular was an important source of inspiration for Art Nouveau, illustrated by the generous use of plant and floral motifs and the many bird images. On the coin itself, you will see the text 'ART NOUVEAU' at the top. Below and around this is a facade detail of the House van Eetvelde, a wall mosaic by Victor Horta. The design itself expresses the typical asymmetrical composition of Art Nouveau. The elegant interplay of lines forms a clear link to nature. With some imagination, an Iris flower can be seen, creating a visible link with designer Iris Bruijns.