Greece – 2 Euro, CONSTANTIN CARATHEODORY, 2023 (unc)

2 Euro coins BU / UNC
Issue year: 2023
Face Value: 2 Euro
Quality: UNC
Metal: Copper-Nickel

Commemorative coin 2 euro dedicated to the anniversary of 150 years since the birth of Constantin Caratheodory. Constantin Caratheodory (1873-1950) was a Greek mathematician who spent most of his professional career in Germany. He was one of the most important mathematicians of the 20th century. He published most of his works in German and was highly esteemed by great scientists, such as Einstein and Max Planck. He made significant contributions to real and complex analysis, the calculus of variations, and measure theory. He also created an axiomatic formulation of thermodynamics. Caratheodory is considered the most renowned Greek mathematician since antiquity.