France - 10 Euro Silver, Womens Voting Rights, 2024

Euro coins silver
Issue year: 2024
Face Value: 10 Euro
Quality: BU
Metal: Silver
Weight: 13 g
Diameter: 31 mm
Fineness: 333
Mintage: 10.000

France 10 euro silver coin 2024, 80 years of women's right to vote. The advance of women's right to vote in France has been a saga marked by decades of struggle. Initiated after the Second World War, the formal recognition of gender equality in the Constitution in 1944 paved the way. Women voted for the first time in municipal elections in 1945, then in legislative elections in 1948. The 2000 law establishing parity consolidated this progress, leading to the active participation of women in French political life today. This development reflects a precious conquest, the result of a determined fight for equality and justice. The obverse of the coin is a portrait of a woman facing left, symbolising a look back at how far women have come in their fight for gender equality and justice. Several envelopes and a ballot box are depicted to commemorate the right to vote. The year 2024 is inscribed alongside 1944, underlining the anniversary date. The reverse of the coin shows the face value surrounded by two branches, one of oak, the other of laurel, which evoke the Euro symbol. The entire reverse design is framed by an assembly of lines representing the Hexagon.