Austria - 20 Euro, SUPERNOVA, 2024

Euro coins silver
Issue year: 2024
Face Value: 20 Euro
Quality: PROOF
Metal: Silver
Weight: 22,42 g
Diameter: 34 mm
Fineness: 925
Mintage: 30.000

SUPERNOVA, 2024. Supernova is the first of five superbly shaped and coloured silver coins in The Beauty of the Universe series. The coin show that the universe is not only full of dynamic and exciting events but also infinitely diverse and beautiful. The new 20 Euro Silver Coin Series consists of 5 coins, 2024: Supernova, 2025: Einstein Ring, 2026: Cat's Eye Nebula, 2027: Gravitational Wave, 2028: Protostar. From the birth of a star to its dramatic finale, The Beauty of the Universe series presents the most spectacular phenomena in the universe in the most spectacular way possible on a coin. Each coin has a different ingenious shape that illustrates its respective astronomical phenomenon to stunning effect. Waves, sweeps and bends recreate the energy and drama of the cosmos. Not just full of dynamic and exciting events, the universe is both infinitely diverse and infinitely beautiful.