Spain - 0,15 Euro,1/10 Ounce Gold, Carthusian Horse, 2024

Euro coins gold
Issue year: 2024
Quality: BU in capsule
Metal: Gold
Weight: 1/10 oz
Diameter: 16,25 mm
Fineness: 999,9
Mintage: 25.000

1/10 OZ. GOLD CARTHUSIAN HORSE. The Royal Spanish Mint will release in 2024 a 1/10 oz. gold coin with the image, on the reverse, of another animal representative of Spain, in this case a CARTUJAN HORSE. The Carthusian Horse is not a distinct breed of horse, but an offspring of the pure Spanish horse and is considered to be the purest breed in existence, with one of the oldest stud books in the world. The Carthusian lineage has its origins in the Jerez monastery of La Cartuja, which from 1484 and for at least three and a half centuries became the epicentre of the breeding of an elite of Andalusian horses and home to one of the most famous and appreciated studs in the world. On its obverse shines the image of the Real de a Ocho Columnario, the image of the most historically recognised Spanish coin, the first global coin, which circulated around the world for more than two centuries, above this image stands out one of the most distinguishing features of our coins, the "Quadruple Latent Image", which is also a security measure patented by the Royal Spanish Mint. The legends: "FELIPE VI REY DE ESPANA" at the top and "1/10 ONZA 999,9 ORO" at the bottom.