Slovenia – 2 Euro, Franc Rozman, 2011

2 Euro coins BU/UNC
Issue year: 2011
Face Value: 2 Euro

Franc Rozman, nicknamed Stane (1911 - 1944), was a Slovenian Yugoslav partisan commandant in World War II. In the spring of 1942 Rozman became the commander of a Slovene partisan brigade, established on April 5, 1942 at Kremenik in Lower Carniola, and numbering more than 300 fighters. Measured by composition, organization, training, and fighting power, this was the most powerful Slovene partisan unit at that time. On 13 July 1943, he became a commander of the High Command of the Slovene partisan army with the rank of lieutenant general, which he held up to his death. Rozman died in White Carniola as a consequence of a serious wound received while testing new mortar weapons sent to the partisans by their British Allies.