1. Customers who submit an order at Electa Collections agree and accept the following Terms and Conditions, which are binding for both parties, the Customer and Electa Collections.
  2. The primary language of our e-shop is English and in cases of ambiguity the English text always prevails. To facilitate the use of our site a translation in French, Italian, German and Spanish is provided for most of the content of our site.
  3. All official communications with Customers shall be in English language.

Submitting an order

  1. We normally accept orders through the website
  2. Customers may submit orders by fax also (fax number +30 210 6395636). In addition, customers may submit orders by e-mail at our e-mail address info(at)electacollections.com
  3. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you, when we receive your order.
  4. Delivery of ordered items will follow according to the general terms and conditions stated herein.


  1. All prices shown are in euros and include Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) where applicable.
  2. Prices do not include custom duties, levies or other charges imposed by the authorities in destination country.
  3. The customer is liable for any custom duty, levy or charge imposed by legislation in destination country.


  1. We accept electronic bank transfer or/and direct deposit to our bank account.
  2. We accept payment by credit card, debit card or pre-paid card issued by any authorized international bank.
  3. If you select payment by credit card you will be redirected to ALPHA BANK to complete your payment online. Electa Collections does not receive any data concerning your credit or debit card number, dates etc.
  4. We do not charge extra cost for credit or debit card payments.
  5. We do not recommend sending cash by mail because of the obvious risks for our customers. However we shall accept cash received by registered mail if you chose this method of payment.
  6. Your bill will be in euro and payment by bank transfer must be in euro.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse credit cards for any reason.
  8. We may not accept credit cards for the payment of orders including gold or silver coins. Gold and silver coins must be paid by bank transfer the same day of the order day or the next business day, if the order is made during weekend or bank holiday.

Delivery and Shipping costs

  1. After submitting your order you will receive an email confirmation of the successful transaction. This is a confirmation that we have received your order, not a confirmation of acceptance or processing.
  2. Items selected will be sent within five to ten business days from payment confirmation.
  3. All international orders are sent by Registered mail via the Hellenic Post or FedEx express for some destinations. Target delivery is up to 10 days within EU countries. We are not responsible for any delay in the delivery of orders due to the carrier company.
  4. Customers must fill in the appropriate fields in delivery address page. Your order cannot be dispatched if these details are missing. All parcels are sent to Customers’ address as it is written by the Customer.
  5. Shipping cost will be added to the total cost of your order before submission.
  6. Customers are responsible for any error in the delivery address in our records. If a parcel returns to us because of errors in delivery address the Customer is responsible to pay the postage expenses in order to re-send the parcel. If a parcel returns to us as “unclaimed” the Customer is also responsible to pay the postage expenses in order to re-send the parcel.

Delivery, Ownership and Transfer of risk

  1. Ownership of the products will pass to the Customer when we receive full payment of all sums due in respect to the products.
  2. All parcels delivered by the Postal Service are registered.
  3. The products are at the Customer’s risk from the time they are dispatched from the Electa Collections location.
  4. The Customer bears the risk for a damage or loss of the parcel. In case of damage during transportation or loss of the parcel, all claims must be addressed to the transportation agency.
  5. We offer to customers the option to insure their order at an additional cost of 1%. Any loss or damage of insured orders shall be covered in full.


  1. All items are available at the time of the order unless they are stated as "expected", "available to order" or "not available". Items with an indication "expected" refer to items we expect to receive soon from our suppliers. Items with an indication "not available" cannot be ordered. Orders including one or more expected items shall be delivered when all the items in the order become available.
  2. Items sold while they are expected from suppliers, during "presale" period, may not become finally available from our supplier for reasons which are beyond our control. In this case Electa Collections has the obligation to refund the total amount paid for these products, while the order remains valid for the other products and cannot be cancelled for any reason. All available products will be sent to the customer while at the same time a partial refund for not available items will be effected. If the order includes only not available products, the order shall be cancelled and a full refund of paid amounts will be made to customer.
  3. As soon as we receive confirmation of payment for your order we reserve the items for you. However, it is possible that until we receive confirmation of payment some items to become sold out. If it is a temporary sold out situation we shall inform you about that and we shall process the order as soon as we receive the items from our suppliers. If it is a permanent sold out situation we shall inform you accordingly and we shall make a partial refund of your payment in regard to non available items. A total refund cannot be claimed in this case.
  4. Prices of products, services, delivery and other charges are valid at the time of submitting your order, but may change at any time subsequently.
  5. The availability of products may change from time to time. Items may be withdrawn at any time.
  6. We reserve the right to accept or reject your order for any reason, including the unavailability of any product, an error in the price or the product description on the website, an error in your order or a failure in your payment.
  7. We reserve the right to limit order quantities of available items in order to serve more customers and we may cease to accept orders at any time. The sale of products at face value is subject to quantity limitations.
  8. Products remain our property until payment for your order has been received.
  9. Orders for products that are in stock will be processed and cannot be cancelled.
  10. Uncirculated coins (UNC) are taken from rolls and are handled with rubber or cotton gloves.
  11. Uncirculated coins are mint state quality (ordinary coins produced for circulation) and may have normal scrathes from the mint caused during production and packaging. Normal mint scratches for this quality grade do not constitute a defective coin and a claim for replacement cannot be raised.
  12. Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) coins are best quality uncirculated coins, usually sealed by the mint in blisters. Small scrathes caused during mint production and packaging are normal in BU quality coins. Normal mint scratches for this quality grade do not constitute a defective coin and a claim for replacement cannot be raised.

Privacy/Personal Data

  1. Electa Collections is committed to respecting your privacy and we always process data according to the Greek Data Protection legislation.
  2. We never publish, sell, trade or rent your personal data to third parties.
  3. We may employ other companies or individuals to perform functions on our behalf. Examples include delivering packages, sending postal mails and emails, processing credit card payments. Such companies or individuals will have access to personal information to perform these functions, but may not use it for any other purpose.
  4. Information given to us is kept within our firm and is used only to get in contact with our customers and for statistical purposes. Electa Collections does not maintain a record of customers orders beyond 3 months and does not monitor consumer behaviour.
  5. This privacy policy only covers the Electa Collections website. Other links within this site are not covered by this policy.

Return Policy and refunds

  1. We normally check all items before delivery so as to deliver the best quality possible.
  2. However, if a defective item is delivered we are responsible to replace the item upon customer’s request. Should a similar item is not or cannot be available we shall refund the cost of the item to the customer or replace it with another item with customer’s consent. Postage expenses are not refundable.
  3. All returns should be effected exclusively within 5 days from the date customer has received the item.
  4. An order cannnot be returned to us or cancelled because of a delay in delivery due to the carrier company or to international transport problems.


Electa Collections is based in Athens, Greece and operates under the laws of Greece. Any disputes will be resolved according to Greek law at the Greek Court of Justice.