Belgica - 2 Euro, Charles V (Carolus V), 2021 (coin card)

2 Euro coins Coin card
Año de emisión: 2021
Valor nominal: 2 Euro
Calidad: BU
Metal: Copper-Nickel
Tirada: 150.000

Belgium, 2 euro coin 2021, to commemorate the 500 Years of Carolus V Coins. In 1521, Charles V introduced a golden guilder of 20 stuivers, a new unit of account: the Carolus guilder. In 1543, a silver Carolus guilder was also introduced. After the abdication of Charles V, the coins were no longer minted. However, the (Carolus) guilder remained in use in the Low Countries for a long time as a term and unit of account. Limited mintage of max. 75.000 coincards of each version. Legal tender, will not go into circulation.