Malta - Slver coin 1 OZ, EUROPA AND THE BULL, 2022

Monedas euro de plata
Año de emisión: 2022
Valor nominal: 1,50 Euro cent
Calidad: BU
Metal: Silver
Weight: 1 οz
Diameter: 39 mm
Fineness: 999

New Europa Silver Coin, a stunning and striking piece of art which features the Goddess Europa. Her myth inspired authors, writers and artists to give her name to the European continent. According to Greek mythology, Zeus was so besotted by Europa that he decided to transform himself into a white bull. The main reason was to escape from the jealousy of his wife and allow him to abduct Europa and carry her from Phoenicia to Crete. The obverse of the coin depicts a youthful and beautiful Europa riding the magnificent bull. She looks elegant and determined, fierce and brave, holding the bull’s collar in one hand. Europa and Zeus/the bull are surrounded by turbulent waters and are both looking in the same direction: Crete which they are trying to reach. The reverse of this coin represents the coat of arms of the Central Bank of Malta. The design contains in Latin, the motto, "Fiducia Fortis" - "In Confidence Strength," and "1968", the date of the Bank's foundation.