Andorra - 2 Euro, Accession of Andorra to UN, 2023

2 Euro coins Coin card
Año de emisión: 2023
Valor nominal: 2 Euro
Calidad: BU
Metal: Copper-Nickel
Tirada: 70.000

The 30th Anniversary of the Accession of Andorra to the United Nations is a significant milestone for the country. It commemorates Andorra's membership in the United Nations, marking 30 years of active participation and collaboration within the international community. Andorra's accession to the United Nations in 1993 marked its official membership in the global organization. It has since actively engaged in global dialogue, contributed to peacekeeping efforts, and advocated for important issues such as human rights and sustainable development. Andorra's UN membership reflects its commitment to international cooperation and its desire to play a meaningful role on the global stage.