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France - Monnaies d' Or

French gold coins, Gold gold of france

Lucky French Angels Favorite of all gold Euro coins are the “Lucky” French Angels! Originally minted from 1871 to 1898, these gold coins are genuine Legal Tender French 20 Francs. 
The unique “Guardian Angel” design was created in 1793 by Augustine Dupré. In 1871, this historic design was incorporated into a 20 Franc gold coin. Today, French Angels are five to ten times rarer than French Rooster gold coins and even more beloved by coin collectors for the legend behind these gold coins. 
A Coin That Saved The Designer - The legend of “Lucky" French Angels began during the Reign of Terror. The coin’s designer, Dupré, was about to be executed on the guillotine. As he knelt beneath the deadly blade, he took his Lucky Gold Angel coin out of his pocket and rubbed it for luck as he said a quick prayer. Instantly, a bolt of lightning struck nearby and panicked the crowd of onlookers. His execution was halted and six months later he was freed. All his life, Dupré claimed his "Lucky" French Angel coin had saved him– and so the legend was born.
An Original, Creative Design - Today, Lucky French Angels make wonderful conversation pieces and unique gifts for all occasions.
Authentic French "Rooster" Gold Official 1901 to 1914 Coins Released
Coin collectors worldwide love historic French 20 Franc Gold Roosters. They're one of the best selling world gold coins. Recommended to both collectors and gold investors for their high gold content, unique designs, and affordable prices.
Gold Coins - French Roosters were first minted in France in 1901 and were produced until 1914 at the start of World War I. Each French Rooster contains .1867 troy ounces of fine gold.  French 20 Franc Roosters gold.


France - 20 Francs AU Gold Coin, Napoleon III, 1857

Gold 20 Francs in About Uncirculated condition. Bare Head Portrait on Obverse of Napoleon III. Value in Wreath on Reverse. Diameter 21mm. Weight 6,45g

Prix: 250,00 €