Royaume Uni - Elizabeth II, Souverain d'or BE, 2017

Gold sovereigns
Millesime: 2017
Qualité: PROOF
Métal: Gold
Gold weight: 7.98 g
Diameter: 22,05 mm
Fineness: 916,7
Tirage: 10.486

Features Pistrucci’s original 1817 ‘garter’ design for the first time since 1820. Struck with tools remastered from Pistrucci’s 1817 originals. The coin’s date appears on the obverse for the first time since 1887. Struck in 22 carat gold, finished to Proof standard. The gold Sovereign is without doubt one of Britain’s most famous coins: a coin so rich in history, it’s considered by many as the flagship coin of the Royal Mint, and synonymous with Britain herself.