Tous les Pays - 26 coins, 2 Euro collection 2018

2 Euro coins collections
Millesime: 2018
Valeur faciale: 2 Euro
Qualité: UNC
Métal: Copper-Nickel

The collection includes the following coins: Austria (Founding of the Republic), Cyprus (Crusiform Idol), Estonia (100 years of indepedence), Estonia (100 years Republic), Finland (Koli National Park), Finland (Finnish Sauna Culture), France (End of 1st World War), France (simon Veil), Germany (HELMUT SCHMIDT), Germany (BERLIN), Greece (Kostis Palamas), Greece (Dodecanese), Italy (Constitution), Italy (Ministry of Health), Latvia (Zemgale), Latvia (100 years of indepedence), Lithuania (Song and Dance festival), Lithuania (100 years of indepedence), Luxemburg (Costitution), Luxembourg (Grand Duke Guillaume Ist), Luxemburg (Grand Duke Henri), Malta (Cultural Heritage), Malta (Megalithic temple of Mnajdra), Portugal (National Printing House), Portugal (Botanical Garden), Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia (World Bee Day), Spain (50th birthday of King Felipe VI).