Tous les Pays - 21 coins, 2 Euro collection 2019

2 Euro collections
Millesime: 2019
Valeur faciale: 2 Euro
Qualité: UNC
Métal: Copper-Nickel

The collection includes the following coins: Estonia (150 years of first song festival), Estonia (University of Tartu), France (Berlin Wall), Germany (Bundesrat), Germany (Berlin Wall), Greece (Andreas Kalvos), Greece (Manolis Andronikos), Ireland (100 years Dail Eireann), Italy (Leonardo da Vinci), Latvia (The Rising Sun), Lithuania (Sutartines folk music), Lithuania (Samogitia), Luxemburg (Grand Duchess Charlotte), Luxemburg (Voting Right), Malta (Hagrat Temples), Malta (Nature and environment), Portugal (Ferdinand Magellan), Portugal (The discovery of Madeira), Slovakia (Milan Rastislav Stefanik), Slovenia (University of Ljubljana), Spain (The old town of Avila).