Autriche - 10 euros argent Knights' Tales, Fortitude 2020

Monnaies euro argent
Millesime: 2020
Valeur faciale: 10 Euro
Qualité: PROOF
Métal: Silver
Gold weight: 16,82 g
Diameter: 32 mm
Fineness: 925

The eight-pointed white cross on a red background is instantly recognisable as the logo of the Order of St John. The origins of this charitable organisation, which oversees the St John Ambulance organisation worldwide, go back to a knightly order known as the Order of Knights of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem. The courage in adversity shown by the ‘Hospitallers’, as the Order’s members were known, is symbolic of fortitude, the pillar of knighthood to which the fourth coin in the Knights’ Tales series is dedicated.