Autriche - 25 Euro AgNiob, MOBILITÉ DU FUTUR, 2021

Monnaie 25 euro Niobium
Millesime: 2021
Valeur faciale: 25 Euro
Qualité: BU
Métal: Silver-Niobium
Gold weight: 16,5 g
Diameter: 34 mm
Fineness: 900
Tirage: 65.000

Mobility of the future, 2021. The 2021 silver niobium coin is dedicated to Smart mobility. Both sides of the niobium coin feature different concepts, which could serve as an approach for a more sustainable and resource-saving mobility. These concepts span innovations in air and rail transport as well as electric and hybrid mobility. Corresponding depictions of alternative means of transportation, as well as symbolism pointing to renewable energy and the role of hydrogen in mobility, among other things, round out the design. The silver ring points to the digital networking of intelligent transport systems. The fact that the niobium tones are created purely by light refraction on an extremely thin, transparent oxide layer - without the use of color at all - makes the Silver niobium coins something very special. The uncirculated 25 Euro coin is delivered in the original box including a numbered certificate of authenticity of the Austrian Mint.