Autriche - 10 euros argent, LE PISSENLIT, 2022

Monnaies euro argent
Millesime: 2022
Valeur faciale: 10 Euro
Qualité: PROOF
Métal: Silver
Gold weight: 16,82 g
Diameter: 32 mm
Fineness: 925
Tirage: 30.000

The second coin in the Language of Flowers series is dedicated to a plant that divides public opinion. For some the dandelion is just an annoying weed, while for others it is the most underappreciated of plants. Whichever side of the debate you are on, the dandelion is undoubtedly one of the most joyful signs that winter is over and spring has arrived. The dandelion’s golden-yellow flower, serrated leaves and spherical puff of seeds make it instantly recognisable. Unlike most other plants, the dandelion accounts for numerous myths and superstitions that are specifically related to its seed head. Some say that wishes made while blowing off the plant’s seeds will be granted, others that you can send a message to a loved one by concentrating on what you would like to convey while blowing the seeds in their direction.