Royaume Uni - £2 Valiant One Ounce Silver Bullion, 2020

World coins silver
Millesime: 2020
Qualité: BU
Métal: Silver
Gold weight: 1 οz
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Fineness: 999,9

The popular design of the Valiant coin from The Royal Mint is now available in a 1 ounce Silver version. The coin features an image depicting one of England's most famous legends, St. George and the Dragon. The famous legend of Saint George and the Dragon represents victory and honor. There are many variations of the legend, but all mention the hero Saint George traveling, where he comes across a town distressed by a dragon. The dragon has taken a princess as his prisoner. Saint George decided to help the town by slaying the beast. Saint George brandished his sword at the dragon, which is the battle depicted on this 1 oz Silver Valiant coin from The Royal Mint.