Lituanie - 2 Euro, ethnographic region of Suvalkija, 2022

2 Euro coins BU/UNC
Millesime: 2022
Valeur faciale: 2 Euro
Qualité: UNC
Métal: Copper-Nickel

Lithuania 2 euro commemorative coin 2022 dedicated to the ethnographic region of Suvalkija. Suvalkija or Sudovia is the smallest of the five cultural regions of Lithuania. Its unofficial capital is Marijampole. People from Suvalkija are called suvalkieciai (plural) or suvalkietis (singular). It is located south of the Neman River, in the former territory of Vilkaviskis bishopric. Historically, it is the newest ethnographic region as its most distinct characteristics and separate regional identity formed during the 19th century when the territory was part of Congress Poland. The obverse depicts a coat of arms of Suvalkija. The composition is surrounded by country and region names, year of issue and the mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint. The coat of arms of Suvalkija depicts a bull. The shield is decorated on both sides by oak twigs with acorns, surrounded below by a ribbon with the motto in Latin "May unity blossom", a line from "Tautiska giesme", the national anthem of Lithuania.