Niue - Gold coin 1/10 oz Equilibrium, 2023

Millesime: 2023
Qualité: BU
Métal: Gold
Gold weight: 1/10 oz
Diameter: 16 mm
Fineness: 999,9

This issue of the Equilibrium series acknowledges the importance of balance and equality with the yin-yang symbol, an ancient representation of the relationship between opposites. The Equilibrium series features changing designs every year, all pointing out the need for harmony. This release features a stylized image of the ancient yin-yang symbol, a representation of two complementary forces co-existing. Yin is a symbol of Earth, female energy, darkness and passivity. Yang is a symbol for Heaven, male energy, light and activity. Pressburg has created a beautiful presentation for this symbol on the obverse where we see the symbol represented by lines symbolizing flow between the forces.