Tous les Pays - 27 coins, 2 Euro collection 2023

2 Euro coins collections
Millesime: 2023
Valeur faciale: 2 Euro
Qualité: UNC;BU
Métal: Copper-Nickel

The collection includes the following coins: Belgium (Art Nouveau, coin card), Belgium (Women’s Suffrage, coin card), Croatia (Introduction of Euro, coin card), Cyprus (the foundation of the Central Bank), Estonia (National bird, The Barn Swallow), Finland (Nature Conservation Act), Finland (Social and health services), France (Olympic Games in Paris, coin card), France (Rugby World Cup), Germany (Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie), Germany (Charlemagne), Greece (MARIA CALLAS), Greece (CONSTANTIN CARATHEODORY), Ireland (European Union Membership), Italy (Alessandro Manzoni), Italy (Italian Air Force), Luxembourg (Olympic Committee membership), Luxemburg (the Parliament), Monaco (Prince Albert), Portugal (World Youth Day), Portugal (Peace among Nations), San Marino (St. Marino portrait), Slovenia (Josip Plemelj), Slovakia (Horse Drawn Express Mail), Slovakia (Blood Transfusion), Spain (Old Town of Caceres), Spain (EU Presidency).