Slovenie - 2 euro, Josip Plemelj, 2023 (bag of 10)

2 Euro bags of 10
Millesime: 2023
Valeur faciale: 2 Euro
Qualité: UNC
Métal: Copper-Nickel

Slovenia 2 Euro 2023, Josip Plemelj. The coin is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Josip Plemelj (1873–1967), a Slovenian mathematician. The coin depicts a part of the equation that Josip Plemelj was the first in the world to solve, with numbers and symbols rotating within circles that illustrate the motion of planets, bridging the two realms of Plemelj's work and research - mathematics and astronomy. The coin also features the issuing country 'SLOVENIJA' alongside the year '2023' and the coin's motif, accompanied by the birth date 'Josip Plemelj 1873'.