Grece - 5 Euro argent, THE BATTLE OF SAMOS, 2024

Monnaies euro argent
Millesime: 2024
Valeur faciale: 5 Euro
Qualité: Proof like
Métal: Silver
Gold weight: 17 g
Diameter: 31 mm
Fineness: 333
Tirage: 2.000

In 1824, sultan Mahmud ordered Grand Admiral Hüsrev Pasha to suppress the uprising of the Aegean islands. After devastating the island of Psara in June and retiring to Lesbos, Hüsrev led the Ottoman fleet against Samos, sailing off on 28 July. With two squadrons, led by Georgios Sachtouris and Andreas Miaoulis, the Greek fleet moved to block their way forward. After skirmishing for several days, the two fleets fought the decisive battle on 5 August, off the island of Samos. The Greek fireships, commanded by Konstantinos Kanaris, managed to burn three enemy ships. Under heavy cannon fire from the Greek ships, Hüsrev Pasha was forced to retreat. The battle of Samos, along with the battle of Gerontas that followed on 29 August, saved the island and was a major victory for the Greeks.