Tutti i Paesi - 24 coins, 2 Euro collection 2015

Monete 2 Euro - Collezioni
Anno di emissione: 2015
Valore facciale: 2 Euro
Qualità: UNC

The collection includes the following coins: Andorra (Coat of Arms), Belgium (European Year of Development – coin card), Germany (German Unity), Germany (St. Paul Church, Hesse), Germany (European flag), Greece (European Flag), Greece (SPYROS LOUIS), Italy (DANTE ALIGHERI commem. – coin card), Italy (Dante Alighieri normal – coin card), Italy (EXPO MILANO), Latvia (Presidency of the Council of the EU), Latvia (Black Stork), Lithuania (Lithuanian Language), Luxemburg (15th Anniversary of Grand Duke Henri), Luxemburg (Dynasty Nassau-Weilburg), Luxemburg (European Flag), Malta (European Flag), Malta (Proclamation of the Republic of Malta), Malta (First flight), Portugal (TIMOR), Portugal (Red Cross), Slovakia (Ludovit Stur), Slovakia (European flag), Spain (Cave of Altamira).