Tutti i Paesi - 19 coins, 2 Euro collection 2013

2 Euro coins collections
Anno di emissione: 2013
Valore facciale: 2 Euro
Qualità: UNC
Metallo: Copper-Nickel

The collection includes the following coins: Belgium (Meteorological Institute), Finland (Parliament), Finland (Sillanpaa), France (Elysee Treaty), France (Pierre de Coubertin), Germany (Maulbronn monastery), Germany (Elysee Treaty), Greece (Plato's Academy), Greece (Union of Crete with Greece), Italy (Giuseppe Verdi), Italy (Giovanni Boccaccio), Luxembourg (National Anthem), Malta (Establishment of Self-Government), Netherlands (200 Years of Kingdom), Netherlands (Change of Throne), Portugal (Torre dos Clerigos), Slovakia (Constantine and Methodius), Slovenia (Postojna's Cave), Spain (Escorial Monastery).