Regno Unito - 10 oz silver, Queen's Beasts, UNICORN, 2019

Queen's Beasts 2 Oz
Anno di emissione: 2019
Qualità: BU
Metallo: Silver
Weight: 10 oz
Diameter: 89 mm
Fineness: 999,9

Inspired by the ancient art of heraldry, the range brings to life the ten imposing statues that lined the entrance to Westminster Abbey in 1953 at the coronation of Her Majesty The Queen. The unicorn first appeared in heraldry in the twelfth century in an early form of the Scottish coat of arms. Second only to the Lion in familiarity, the Unicorn of Scotland takes pride of place on the Royal Arms, holding a shield that symbolises the sovereignty of Her Majesty The Queen, proudly representing the unity of the nations that make up the United Kingdom.