Grecia - 10 Euro Argento FS, EUROPA STAR, GOTHIC, 2020

Silver coins sold out
Anno di emissione: 2020
Valore facciale: 10 Euro
Qualità: PROOF
Metallo: Silver
Weight: 31,10 g
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Fineness: 925
Tiratura: 5.000

The Gothic Era in Western Europe coincided with the end of the Middle Byzantine and, for the most part, the Late Byzantine era, a period of gradual decline that ended with the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans. A notable figure of this era was Alexios I Komnenos, emperor from 1081 to 1118 and founder of the Komnenian dynasty. The Gothic made its way into the Greek world via the Crusaders, leaving us such interesting monuments as the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller in Rhodes. A detail of the Palace was selected for the background of the coin portraying Alexios.