Francia - 250 Euro d'oro, IL GRANO, 2022

Sold out euro coins
Anno di emissione: 2022
Valore facciale: 250 Euro
Qualità: BU
Metallo: Gold
Weight: 3 g
Diameter: 20 mm
Fineness: 999
Tiratura: 15.000

In 2022, the wheat will be given pride of place. On the obverse, the ears of wheat are at the center of the coin. As the epitome of a fruit of earth, the many ears in the background refer to the wealth and plenty symbolics. Representing summer and seeds, the weath is retaken with the Summer allegory wearing ears or wheat germs during the harvest. In the upper part, we can see the French Republic motto : « Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité ». A beaded design making the outline of the coin gives it some elegance reminding old french coins designs. The reverse is common to the series. It shows the three symbols of nature presented through the series : the oak, the laurel and the wheat. An hexagon representing France is inserted in the design.