Spagna - 2 Euro, Circumnavigation of Earth, 2022 (bag of 10)

2 Euro bags of 10
Anno di emissione: 2022
Valore facciale: 2 Euro
Qualità: UNC
Metallo: Copper-Nickel

Spain, commemorative 2 euro coins, 500th Anniversary of the First Circumnavigation of the Earth. The coin depicts the portrait of Juan Sebastian Elcano. Juan Sebastian Elcano (1486-1526) made the first round-the-world voyage on the ship Victoria as part of the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan to the Spice Islands (Moluccas). His success in traveling to the Spice Islands led to another great expedition, this time led by the nobleman Garcia Jofre de Loaysa, but this mission was unsuccessful and Elcano died during it in the Pacific Ocean. The coin depicts Elcano in period clothing, with lines in the background indicating the latitude and longitude of the globe.