Tutti i Paesi - 26 coins, 2 Euro collection 2022

2 Euro coins collections
Anno di emissione: 2022
Valore facciale: 2 Euro
Qualità: UNC;BU
Metallo: Copper-Nickel

The collection includes the following coins: Belgium (Health care during pandemic, coin card), Estonia (Literature Society), Finland (National Ballet), Finland (Climate Research), France (Olympic Games in Paris, coin card), France (the Tree of Life, New National Side), France (Jacques Chirac), Germany (Wartburg Castle, A,D,F,G,J), Greece (the First Greek Constitution), Italy (Falcone and Borsellino), Italy (Italian National Police), Latvia (Financial Literacy), Lithuania (100 years of basketball), Lithuania (Suvalkija), Luxemburg (Luxembourg flag), Luxemburg (Guillaume & Stephanie), Malta (Hal Saflieni Hypogeum Temples), Portugal (First Atlantic Flight), Slovakia (Atmospheric Steam Engine), Slovenia (Joze Plecnik), Spain (Circumnavigation of the Earth), Spain (Garajonay National Park).