Francia - 50 Euro d'oro FS, GRACE KELLY, 2022

Monete euro oro
Anno di emissione: 2022
Valore facciale: 50 Euro
Qualità: PROOF
Metallo: Gold
Weight: 1/4 oz
Diameter: 22 mm
Fineness: 999
Tiratura: 500

In 2016, Monnaie de Paris launched a new series that paid tribute to the History of France through famous women who had an influence in several fields, such as politics, Art or Science. In 2022, this series widens internationally and highlights women of the world. This series uses the principle of free striking which gives an antique look to the coins and makes each coin perfectly imperfect and therefore unique. I 2022 the series is dedicated to Grace Kelly on the 40th anniversary of her death.