Austria - Monete Euro Divisionale 2023

Serie divisionali
Anno di emissione: 2023
Valore facciale: 3,88 Euro
Qualità: BU
Metallo: Copper-Nickel
Tiratura: 50.000

OFFICIAL AUSTRIAN EURO COIN SET 2023, 150th anniversary of Vienna's water supply. The Official Austrian Euro Coin Set 2023 celebrates the 150th anniversary of the inauguration of the First Vienna Spring Water Main, which provides the Austrian capital with drinking water. n Vienna, by simply turning on the tap, one can drink high-quality spring water from the Alps. But that was not always the case. The population of the Austrian capital obtained its drinking water from domestic wells up until the 16th century, when a pipeline was eventually constructed after a major fire had shown there was insufficient water to prevent such disasters. In the mid-19th century, the poor quality of Vienna’s drinking water led to typhus and cholera epidemics.