Grecia - Monete Euro Divisionale 2023, ΝAFPLIO

Serie divisionali
Anno di emissione: 2023
Valore facciale: 3,88 Euro
Qualità: BU
Metallo: Copper-Nickel
Tiratura: 7.500

Nafplio is one of the most beautiful cities of Greece, lying at the head of the Argolic Gulf, on the site of ancient Nafplia, whose legendary founder was Nafplios, son of Poseidon. The city started to flourish in Byzantine times and, due to its strategic location, was the capital of the Peloponnese both under the Venetians (1389-1540 and 1686-1715) and the Ottomans (1540-1686 and 1715-1770). Nafplio played an important role during the Greek Revolution and on 18 January 1823 became the seat of the revolutionary government, and later the first capital of the newly founded Greek state until 1834. Venetian fortresses like Palamidi, Akronafplia and Bourtzi, Ottoman and neoclassical buildings and churches, picturesque stone-paved alleys and plazas, as well as the wonderful quay, paint a ravishing picture that attracts thousands of visitors round the year.