Belgio - 5 Euro, Spirou and Fantasio, 2023 (coin card)

Monete 5 euro
Anno di emissione: 2023
Valore facciale: 5 Euro
Qualità: BU
Metallo: Copper-Nickel
Diameter: 30 mm
Tiratura: 7.500

Belgium 5 Euro Coin 2023 ”85 Years Spirou and Fantasio” Colour BU in Coincard. The first 5 euro commemorative coin Belgium 2023 using colour. Coloured with the original colours from the Spirou and Fantasio albums. Max. 7,500 copies worldwide. Legal tender in Belgium, will not appear in circulation. Spirou once worked as a bellhop, witness his still red suit with golden buttons, but is now a journalist. He is clever, inventive and very serious. Very different from his faithful companion Piet Fantasio, also a reporter, who is more cautious but clumsy and sometimes a bit hot-tempered. With their squirrel Spip, they battle criminals. Many of the stories are set wholly or partly in the fictional town of Rommelgem. The duo do not live there themselves, but are good friends with Pancratius Edelhart Ladislas Philippus Count of Rommelgem, an inventor with a passion for mushrooms.