Vatican - 10 Euro, PIETA, 2020 (Copper)

Vatican coin cards
Issue year: 2020
Face Value: 10 Euro
Quality: BU
Metal: Copper
Weight: 15 g
Diameter: 32 mm

The combination of art and faith has always characterized art and distinguishes countless masterpieces preserved in Vatican City, some of which will be the subject of this new cycle of numismatic issues. UFN inaugurates this new cycle with a sculpted work of undisputed and extraordinary beauty, the Pieta, created by twenty-four year old Michelangelo Buonarroti between 1498-1499. Here art and faith fully unite reaching an expressive and emotional force of rare intensity, without affecting in any way the delicacy and gentleness of the composition which remains one of the most admired sculptural works ever.