San Marino - Official BU Set 2009

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Issue year: 2009
Quality: BU

The UN has declared 2009 the “International Year of Astronomy – IYA2009), with the motto “The Universe, yours to discover”. The year 2009 falls on the four hundredth anniversary of the first telescopic astronomical observations carried out by Galileo Galilei in 1609. The year 2009 will also be an occasion to illustrate the astronomical discoveries of the past 400 years, highlighting the most recent, and to illustrate the fundamental role of astronomy in scientific education. On the obverse side, the silver coin depicts a composition of planets and heavens, and on the left are represented three towers with three feathers, the symbol of the Republic of San Marino. On the reverse, the reproduction of an astrolabe, an ancient astronomical measuring instrument and in the background, inserted amongst the heavens, the Stonehenge ruins, considered to be an ancient astronomical observatory.