France - 500 Euro gold, THE MAGIC POTION, 2022

Euro coins gold
Issue year: 2022
Face Value: 500 Euro
Quality: BU
Metal: Gold
Weight: 6 g
Diameter: 27 mm
Fineness: 999
Mintage: 5.000

This year, Monnaie de Paris pays tribute to the characters of the most emblematic figures of the French comic strip, Asterix. This iconic scene of the front pages of the albums, drawn by Albert Uderzo is beautifully engraved, so finely that with the help of a magnifying glass you will be able to read the texts of Rene Goscinny, unless you already know them by heart ... Translating comic book characters is an interesting but perilous exercise. The transition from comic strip to volume must faithfully transcribe the clear line of Uderzo’s and Conrad‘s work. These medals are the faithful representation of a graphic line proper to the french artist, it is a tribute in three dimensions paid by the craftsmen of Monnaie de Paris to the universe of Asterix.